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Juice Yourself To Better Health

We exist to make quick, healthy food more accessible for the average person.0

DETOX your mind, body,
AND your contact list.

But, we can’t talk food without talking sustainability. After all, healthy food can only come from a resilient ecosystem where everyone’s playing their part. We continue to source our ingredients from U.S. farmers and vet international suppliers (like farmers in developing economies who receive sustainable agriculture training).


Our Team

We’re also on a mission to prove small choices make a big impact and that mindful eating is the best alternative to mainstream dieting.

Guy Mann

Young. American. Designer.

Max Conversion

SEO Expert.

Ruby von Rails

Tech-enthusiast. Feminist<

Anne Saturation

Rainbow chaser

Fleece Marigold

Blonde-locked. Leader. No followers.

Malcolm Function


Kathy Response

Answers back.

Indigo Violet

Favorite color: green

FOllow these 3 Easy steps

With the Internet spreading information like wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.



Motivation is the desire to act in service of a goal. It’s the crucial element in setting and attaining our objectives. Motivation is one of the driving forces behind human behavior. It fuels competition and sparks social connection. Its absence can lead to mental illnesses such as depression.



Know where you struggle.
Know how you succeed.
Identify and write down clear goals.
Visualize your outcome.
Don’t wait for it to feel right.
Start small.
Get a mentor.
Practice, fail, start over.



Determination is the commitment to achieve your goals, regardless of the challenges you might experience. It often includes being decisive and demonstrating resoluteness. People who express determination continue to work to achieve their goals, regardless of other factors.

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A friend group is something so incredibly special. It’s a group of people who all are best friends. Not just 2 people being best friends, it’s a whole group