Top 5 Ways to Detoxify EVERY Day

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Top 5 Ways to Detoxify EVERY Day

Local residents to Willowbrook and the surrounding area were relieved on Friday, February 15 when the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shut down Willowbrook plant Sterigenics, a global leader in comprehensive sterilization solutions. The shutdown is in response to the plant using hazardous amounts of ethylene oxide, a commonly known carcinogen. According to the Chicago Tribune, Sterigenics was emitting up to 169,000 pounds of cancer-causing ethylene oxide into the air every year. Since the mid-1980s, state regulators estimated that people living within a mile of the facility are breathing in the highly toxic gas at concentrations 14 times higher than studies suggested was safe at the time.


  • According to GlobalHealingCenter, we’re exposed to approximately 2,100,000 toxins each day.
  • We MUST keep the immune system strong, inflammation low and energy high, while maintaining healthy weight and brain function by supporting the liver in its detoxification role.
  • Top daily detox techniques include drinking filtered lemon water, loading up on fiber, using a rebounder, drinking Gentle Detox tea and intermittent fasting.
  • For a more comprehensive approach to detoxification, we recommend joining us for our upcoming 3-Day Spring Detox – we do the work, you do the cleanse!

Despite such a huge win, it doesn’t mean that we are in the clear. We live in a toxic world, and according to GlobalHealingCenter, it isn’t abnormal to be exposed to 2,100,000 toxins each and every day! In a well-functioning body, these chemicals easily pass through and out of the body. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for most, many of which are walking around with liver congestion, impaired digestion and an inefficient metabolism due to their Standard American Diet (SAD) – sad indeed – and lifestyle. As a result, chemicals are not efficiently eliminated from the body and the inflammation that results from their accumulation in the cells, tissues and joints leads to potentially irreversible cellular damage.

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Thus, the importance of the liver—the largest internal organ in which all chemicals are filtered through, and coined the “workhorse” of the digestive system. Responsible for 500 different functions in the body, the liver’s main job is detoxification. When overloaded with processing and eliminating toxins, it cannot complete other essential tasks such as hormone balance, fat digestion, proper blood clotting and cholesterol elimination. This is when symptoms such as headaches, joint pain, low energy, bloating, weight gain and impaired cognition become chronic. If not addressed, these everyday ailments can lead to arthritis, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, and even cancer. Therefore, it’s imperative that we continually support the liver in its detoxification role—we MUST keep the immune system strong, inflammation low and energy high, while maintaining healthy weight and brain function.

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So, what steps can you take to support the liver? Take out the trash on a daily basis with these 5 daily detox techniques:

  1. Drink FILTERED Lemon Water – the human body is 75% water! Staying hydrated keeps the blood and lymph flowing, urine diluted and bowels moving. Water also keeps saliva production up-to-par and digestive organs churning, allowing for proper nutrient and oxygen delivery to the cells, waste removal and energy production. Furthermore, the liver loves lemon – this antibacterial, antiviral, vitamin C rich citrus fruit is an immune system superstar that cleanses, aids detoxification and helps minimize the impact of free radicals. Instructions for an energizing morning tonic: upon waking, squeeze ½ lemon into 16 oz. filtered water. Add a pinch of Celtic or Pink Himalayan sea salt (hello, minerals!) and drink before your morning coffee or breakfast.
  2. Load Up on Fiber – fiber is the “roughage” that is provided by vegetables, fruit, whole grains and legumes (beans, peas, lentils). It adds bulk to the stools, aids in satiation, helps balance the hormones and promotes healthy gut flora. The majority of the population fails to meet the minimum recommended daily intake of fiber—thus we are a constipated, cranky, sick nation! Up your fiber intake to at least 25-30g each day from whole, real foods such as our Energizing Seed Crackers or Superfood Smoothies.
  3. Use a Rebounder (Mini Indoor Trampoline) – the lymphatic system is part of the immune system with a network of vessels that move lymph fluid throughout the body. Unlike blood which is pumped via the heart, the lymph sits stagnant unless manually manipulated. By rebounding at least 15 minutes per day, you encourage the movement of toxins out of the body, alleviate constipation, and regain balance in the digestive organs and hormones.
  4. Drink Gentle Detox Tea – this organic, herbal tea blend is sold in the Nourished® boutique. Dandelion and burdock root are two powerful herbs that support the liver and encourage the elimination of toxins, while licorice root balances stress levels and fights sugar cravings by nourishing the adrenal glands. For maximum benefits, we recommend drinking 1-2 cups per day.
  5. Intermittent Fasting – digestion is the most energetically demanding process on the body. Therefore, when we break from eating, the body is alleviated from digestion and able to accomplish other vital functions such as cellular repair and DNA damage control. Fast instructions: start with a 12 hour fast – this is most easily accomplished at night by eating dinner by 7:00pm and not eating or drinking anything besides water until 7:00am the following day. If tolerated well and no serious health challenges, experiment with extending that fasting window out to 14, 16 or even a full 24 hours.


Daily detoxification is a preventative tool that we truly believe is the cornerstone to health. Help your immune system fight a strong fight day in and day out by incorporating as many of these lifestyle techniques as possible. For more information, check out our Detox 101 post. If you’re seeking a more comprehensive approach to detoxification, we recommend joining us for our upcoming 3-Day Spring Detox– this is a systematic approach that encourages the body to release stored toxins, and most importantly, eliminate them from the body!

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